Howlyn Cattery - Our Kittens - December 31, 2007

November 3, 2007 Litter

December 31, 2007

Eight weeks old. Big news this week! The vet came over and pronouced everyone happy and healthy. First round of innoculations took place. And it's now officially "kitten picken season!" Now that these guys have their immunizations, we are allowing the buyers over and giving them time to make their choices (or, as it usually turns out, the kittens get to pick their new Moms and Dads...) The first round will continue through January 1st, with the results to be announced next week (after which, we'll know if we have any from this litter left). The kittens themselves are like little cats now. They play hunt, play fight, play play, play some more, and then suddenly they become little kittens again and fall straight asleep! By the way, the reason for the popcorn bucket is that HowLyn Cattery names all their litters with film motifs. We think that Orville Redenbacher makes the best popcorn for munching whilst watching a film and that we make the best kittens. Period. ;-D

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